Pomodoro Technique

I am a big fan of the pomodoro technique when the number of things I have to work on start exceeding 5. The technique boils down to having a strict disciple of working for 25 minutes without any interruptions (yes, email and twitter count!) and then taking a small break immediately after. Creating chunks of works like this works for me since I can keep track of how far I am into finishing an activity. Today I came across an article on Hacker News that has some tips for working remotely as a software developer. Here the author goes with a timeboxed approach and uses the pomodoro technique to get a lot more done especially when you don’t have any outside stimuli that act as clues to stop working on a task.   Check out the original article by clicking on the link below. How to Work Remotely as a Software Developer.

Last modified:23 May 2013