July 1, 2017

Abaka (July 2017 - Present)

I co-founded to create a better patient experience and help address some of the problems we all face as patients in the healthcare ecosystem.

At Abaka, I wear multiple hats ranging from engineering to marketing. In the current stage most of my time is spent on engineering our platform.

Meetup (April 2016 - July 2017)

I worked at as the Director of Core & Data Engineering to make it easier for people to self-organize around their passions. My teams are responsible for running all back-end services, data pipelines and recommendations that power Meetup.

Some of my work includes:

  • Ensuring engineering organization alignment with product
  • Hiring and growing engineering managers
  • Overseeing data processing pipeline migration from on-premise to Google Cloud
  • Helping Meetup replatform from a monolithic codebase to micro-services
  • Leading the Core Platform team that serves all micro-service platform needs of the organization
  • Developed a micro-service discovery platform to help engineering teams discover and utilize micro-services faster
  • and I also loved hiring and building a team of top notch data, machine learning, platform and product engineers

Curia (2014-2016)

Making the right connections with other professionals may literally change one’s career. If you attend conferences, meetups or other networking events you may have noticed how hard it is to make meaningful connections in a short amount of time. Curia helps people discover the right professionals to connect with. After a beta period in NYC and SF, I joined Meetup in 2016 where I work with teams to improve the in-meetup experience using a similar approach.

EPAM Systems (2013-2016)

I worked as the Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM) from 2014 to 2016 after EPAM acquired Netsoft USA. In this role, I worked with EPAM’s clients to develop and introduce software solutions & work with EPAM’s UX and Dev teams teams to ensure successful design and delivery of software products.

I focused on Big Data, APIs and mobile solutions to create state of the art engagement systems in healthcare and life sciences.

Some of my work at EPAM included:

  • Spearheaded the creation of EPAM’s Healthcare Big Data Accelerator.
  • Designed and managed the development of Mobile Health Plan Application accelerator for EPAM. Including all product management, technology strategy and development.
  • Created the overall initial architecture of a genomics start-up that is changing the way personalized care is delivered around the world.

Netsoft USA (until 2012)

I worked at Netsoft USA, a boutique product development company in NYC acquired by EPAM Systems in 2014, in various roles ranging from Developer to Principal Architect. During my time at Netsoft I;

  • Developed clinical big-data strategy of a Fortune 500 healthcare organization.
  • Architected and lead the development one of the first Accountable Care Organization SaaS product.
  • Lead the development of a Personal Health Record platform that is later acquired by a large insurer.
  • Created a programming framework that introduced concepts like Tasks, Futures, Parallel Programming