graphs all around us


Do you ever think about how data in your organization is connected or what is buried in the tables/rows that your app writes to? Graph databases have been around for a while but for the first time they are becoming so accessible to app developers with products like Neo4j.

I have been working with NoSQL databases in the past 2 years but I just started getting into graph databases in the past 6 months and it totally changed my perception of the value of data.

My side project/startup Curia is all about connecting the right people at events and conferences. This is where Neo4j came in very handy. Utilizing it as a secondary, purpose-built database allows us to focus on finding the right connections on a graph in blazing speeds.

Having attended a few hands-on training courses on Neo4j I can confidently say that every programmer should think about what is locked in the structure of their database and what can be unlocked with the use of graphs. You may be surprised.