HIMSS 2016


I was at HIMSS with EPAM for the past few days. It’s been fun and exhausting at the same time. Here are some observations:

  • Population health has turned into a buzzword. Everybody talks about it but very few companies can actually describe how they will move the needle.
  • Big Data is yet another buzzword. Without clear definition, everybody is claiming they do big data.
  • Collaboration tools; from data aggregation to secure messaging across providers have matured quite a bit. This opens up the opportunity to generate real insights from existing data using analytics and share them with providers and patients to make the largest impact.
  • One area I was disappointed in is the number of digital engagement platforms for patients. They were grossly underrepresented.

Here is my prediction for 2016 in Health Tech; Companies that sit on vast data sets will start partnering/acquiring start-ups that can make sense out of the data in specific niches and we will see quite a bit of consolidation.

Exciting times in health technology!